Desktop and Mobile Computing
The traditional way of working in the 'office' environment is for the us to come in to the office and use the company network and computers, however companies need an ever more flexible approach with remote working and field based people.  This is why we have two have broken the scenarios down before to include the traditional setup and also the remote work force.
Have a read through what we can offer in both if these scenarios below.

Desktop & Laptop Users
The classic setup of the devices in the office connected to the work network is still very much the standard and we offer an excellent range of desktop support and maintenance.

Our core skills here are based around Microsoft Desktop products such as Windows 7 onwards and everyday productivity tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite, however we do offer ad-hoc support for Linux and Apple desktop products.

We offer comprehensive installation, configuration, support and maintenance for all leading brands of desktop hardware.

Mobile Working
We are all pretty much connected to the internet all the time now, between our work devices, phones and technology at home.

The "Bring Your Own Device" to the workplace is great for users flexibility and working with technology they know, however if the device is not maintained and configured correctly it can also be a serious security and data loss liability.  Ensuring your remote users are working securely is not just about their device, but about the secuirty of your IT infrastructure.

We can implement a security policy and install/configure the relevant software to give you maximum protection against viruses, malware and ransomeware for a range of devices and operating systems.