VoIP and Collaboration Services

The way everyone works is changing, the term 'always connected' is used a lot as we have most of the services we need on our phones these days and they are ever increasing powerful tools.

Collaboration services allow you to combine voice/video and virtual meeting space into easy to use tools with products such as Skype for Business, 3CX or FreePBX (Asterisk on Linux).

How does this all work, quite simple really, you create a network using cloud services for central services that will allow your users to have access to the company 'phone' system from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

Single Network
Create a single network for voice and data communications, saving costs

Flexible voice services
Use SIP trunks to support collaborative peaks and troughs cost effectively

Converge fixed and mobile networks
Converge fixed line and mobile voice networks and add flexible mobile services to manage your BYOD policies

Connect collaborators
Connect collaborators anywhere in the world to reduce travel time, costs and inspire innovation, bring the meeting room to the people and not the people to the room!

Increase productivity
Stop emails draining staff time by switching to messaging and collaboration platforms, save the user sending several emails for 'a quick question' when they can open up a chat client, ask the question and sorted! (reduce storage and management of emails too).

Flexible working
Drive new flexible working practices forward, increasing staff job satisfaction and retention rates, make virtual meetings and everyone a lot of travel where possible.

Cost Saving
SIP trunks are virtual phone lines run over your existing internet connection (or dedicated connection for very high volumes of calls), but traditionally they equivilate to about 70% saving compared to ISDN. SIP allows free inter-branch calling and provides mobile users the ability to call over wifi from home with an app on their phone or headset for the PC