Web Hosting Solutions

What works best?
There are a several different solutions for hosting a web site and it all depends on the site's functionality and what technologies are doing all the cool stuff in the background.

Shared Hosting
Most common for small businesses that have a need for a web presence but are not heavily into e-commerce or running web applications that require hugh amounts of storage/processing power or data storage.

Cloud Hosting
Most companies who have a need for dedicated server resources will now use a service such as Amazon AWS or Azure and pay for services on demand depending on resources required. Along with having no hardware maintenance this can often save a lot of money on software license costs too.

Dedicated Hosting
Although most companies now will use cloud services, some companies may have a requirement for dedicated server due to complex applications and will require dedicated hardware in a data centre to perform tasks.

Domain Solutions
We do not offer the sale of domains, way too many really good companies out there doing that now, however we can help you hosting your domain name(s) on a good reliable service.

Once purchased and setup, domains really sit there doing there job, but you occasionally have to manage the technical side of the domain such as DNS.

DNS Management
Domain Name System (DNS) is very important service and having it configured correctly is paramount to smooth operation of all things web related, it is basically an 'address book' of where your services are on the internet and allow people to find you.

Our services will setup, maintain, monitor and ensure your domain is configured for the best possible services, such as email sender protection, domain security, sub-domains and communication services.